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Boundaries | Decisions | Creativity

What do you love?


Super Powers: Make choices wisely. Planning with abundance. Attune with synchronicity. Maintain healthy boundaries. Practice sustainable generosity. 

Dysfunctions: Greed. Selfishness. Poor Boundaries. Ineffective planning. Unhealthy commitments. Excessive severity, or mercy. 'Share-cropping' energy for others. Hyperactivity without planning or reflection. Unwillingness to adjust failed or failing plans. 

The Lung chakra channels love into the world. Physical lungs function on their own, but also thrive with our support. Creativity is a spiritual garden, where we cultivate choices and reject what does not serve health. When values and capabilities align with our resources, and our environment, creative gardens thrive.


Here we learn to balance hope with possibility, and bring dreams into fruition. 


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