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Leadership | Sovereignty | Divinity

What do you Believe?


Super Powers: Embody Divine Faith. Embrace spiritual direction. Transcend human limitations. Commune with angels. Trust God within.

Dysfunctions: Faithless. Spiritual bypassing. Habitual subservience or rebelliousness. Excessive desire for spiritual awareness. Refusal to respond to divine inspiration. Obsession with or terror about death. Obsession with heroes or heroines. Brainwasher or brainwashed. Suicidal tendencies. God complex.

The Crown chakra establishes your sovereignty, or lack of it, and embodies your divine nature. Crown is shaped by your faith or lack of it. It transforms when your embrace existence beyond this lifetime.


The center channels love that is present with you even when you reject it. Crown is the conductor of your life. As you learn to be present with its responsibilities you embody your soul in this lifetime.


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