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Sacred Creatures

Course 1/4 by Daniel Kaiya Fuson

Own your Spiritual Practice.

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Rediscover Yourself

13 lessons
Invigorate Your Body & Mind
Develop Spiritual Awareness & Influence
Enliven Your Intuition
Communicate with each of the 12 chakras
Reveal & Heal Energetic Baggage

Learn a Dynamic Chakra Yoga practice
Proceed at your own pace


You are a 'Sacred Creature'

Join today, and transform your life!

Begin Your Journey

Welcome to 'Sacred Creatures', a dynamic course designed to invigorate your life with spiritual energy and intuition.

"I have finished the Sacred Creatures Course and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Even though I have reached the end, it does not feel like that at all. I will be using these tools for the rest of my life. I want to thank you for helping me gain so much knowledge and information. Between the course, your book and your YouTube channel, I have so much to work with and explore to help me go deeper into each chakra and learn what my body and spirit have to tell me. This is beyond exciting, Its life changing!!"  - Brenda

Discover how to enliven your intuition, communicate with your chakras, reveal & heal energetic baggage and activate your spiritual guidance & empowerment.

Course Structure & Content
Our 13 lessons guide you through the principles of creating a spiritual practice tailored to your needs. You are welcome to proceed more slowly. By the end of the course you'll be ready to Commit to One, 1hr practice a week, with three 20-minute sessions, one every other day. 

Whether you're new to yoga or looking to deepen your practice, 'Sacred Creatures' offers a personalized path to growth & empowerment.

Yoga Practice
You are going to learn a basic yoga practice that consists of 12 poses and 12 exercises to go with those poses. These movement exercises are designed to balance you from left to right and use your body when it's time to be more vigorous. As the course progresses, we will add 'invigorating' exercises, a sequences that emphasizes vitality. We include 12 transformational breathing exercises, that are designed to cleanse you from within and align your spirit with your body.

By the end of the ‘Sacred Creatures’ course, you will be ready to maintain your own, weekly Chakra Yoga Practice and integrate your spiritual intution into daily life. You'll memorize these routines, so you can do them whenever you need to. You will be able to choose which routines are best for your day, responding to your unique, mood and needs. You'll rediscover yourself from the inside out - trust your ability to respond to challenges more effectively, and create your desires and true dreams.

I feel grounded, aligned, focused, happy, tuned, harmonious, vigorous, loved, and it filled me with confidence, with the self-esteem I need to know I can also teach this to humanity." - Anthony

Once you've learned the basic tools in this practice you're going to be able to discern which areas of your life need more attention. We're teaching you to recognize how your body moves and how it wants to move. Spiritual exercises, mental inquiries, and a sequence of physical yoga poses that all fit together.


You're not just practicing yoga. You're practicing making connections between your Body, Mind, and Spirit. It's the greatest gift that you can give yourself - yourself. Commit to developing and maintaining a spiritual practice, that aligns you with health and love. This course will teach you to embrace your spirit, and ignite your life.


Join 'Sacred Creatures' now and embark on a journey to align your body, mind, and spirit.

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