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In an average body type, the access points to the chakras are located at an equal distance along the front surface of the body. This is the same distance between your two pupils and between the nose-tip and chin. This is the easiest place to feel chakra energy, where light from each chakra emerges. The chakras themselves are within the body.

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White Sand and Stone

Everything is Energy

Every thought, feeling, and intuition

is vibration.


You can tune in to the contents of a vibration and interpret it in words, images, and other sensations. You can also feel the vibration’s resonance. If it continues with enough strength, it will transform your body.

The energy centers in your body, called chakras, channel vibrations and mediate specific ranges of your experience.

Become familiar with the Twelve Chakra System in three ways:


1. Learn the poses associated with each center

2. Explore the themes of each chakra

3. Meditate on the access points on your body 

Click on an energy center to learn more about each Chakra.

Learn About the Radical ‘Key Ring’ Cycle

If you explore the Chakras in a line up your spine, the overall energy will calm. If you progress within the Key Ring cycle used in the Flower routines, you will help harmonize your system. The most empowering approach uses a smaller number of chakras that resonate well together, called a Key. By tuning in to one chakra, you focus on its theme and learn about how you are organizing the related influences and issues.

For example, the Third Eye channels your imagination. While you think about possibilities, this chakra manages your thoughts, as energy. The influence works in the other direction as well. You can directly cultivate an energy in the Third Eye, which will transform your imagination. While you ponder to resolve a disagreement, you may get a headache. When you use the ‘blind cross’ breath, you may clear the headache, and support a resolution to your confusion.

Tensions that arise in your spirit and physical body help teach you how to change your life. When you have a gut instinct, you can trust it to help you make better choices. When your heart aches, you can follow it to discover a path into peace. You can also meditate on the chakra area, cultivate vibrancy, and allow the results to influence your mind. Thirdly, you can work with your body to nurture deep power in the same region, shifting both the energy and your attitude.

Human energy resonates with light. The chakras are like notes within the human instrument. When these energies harmonize they support each other. They interact with the same harmonics as sound, which is also vibrating energy. Sound and light waves are vastly different in scale, yet the way they interact has the same mathematics. Thus, the art and math of music teaches us how to engage the music of light.

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