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Survival | Community | Soul Family

Where are you at home?


Super Powers: Fulfill basic needs. Gravitate to ideal environments. Reveal true nature of your relationships. Ground Yourself. Heal past lives. 

Dysfunctions: Loneliness. Shattered family. Persistent feuding. Stuck in survival mode. Unhealthy social bonds. Habitual irresponsibility. Stuck in fight or flight. Chronic fatigue. Inability to rest. Past life trauma. 

The Root is where your needs are fed and your company is kept. The Root exists from birth and yet can transform dramatically. Here, you live your life within a basic structure that grounds you and feeds your needs and life path. 


We are born with sacred contracts, like a loose script with scenes that are (partly) set and a plot with key aspects fixed. Within this lattice, we live our lives.


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