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Nurture | Passion | Love

What is love?


Super Powers: Embrace Unconditional Love. Nurture yourself and others. Live passionately and well. Be compassion. Love your life.

Dysfunctions: Self abuse. Failure to grieve. Unhealed trauma. Mania, and madness. Unrequited love, stalking.  Abusiveness in relationship. Lack of compassion. Unable to love. Depression. Ungratefulness. 

The Heart chakra centers our Love. It enlivens spiritual energy, and emotional passion. The physical heart contains neurons that work like those in the brain. When your spiritual heart guides the heart neurons, the brain follows.  A healthy Heart holds the base rhythms of a passionate life. When your resonance is out of tune with Heart, you get sick.


As you align and harmonize, you thrive.


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