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Relation | Sharing | Intimacy

How do you share?


Super Powers: Attract wants & needs. Explore healthy desire. Share joy and wonder. Cultivate playfulness. Trust deep intimacy. 

Dysfunctions: Victimitis. Dysfunctional sexuality. Overly sexualizing intimacy. Prostituting skill and attention. Compulsive sharing of personal information. Fear of intimacy, touch or attention. Overly aggressive bargaining. Obsessively competitive. Addictive shopping. 

The Sacral chakra resonates with the spirit of your relationships, from lovers to friends to business associates. This is where you harmonize, clash, react, respond, assert, relate, and share.


This center is brutally honest. Your choices and attitudes resonate clearly, acting like a web of magnetism. You attract and repel similar desires and aversions, whether you wish to share them, or not.


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