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Solar Plexus

Will | Attention | Prayer

How do you pray?


Super Powers: Cultivate good ideas. Balance, resourcefulness, and risk. Empower prayers, and intentions. Give thanks, and ask for help. Initiate miracles. 

Dysfunctions: Anxiety. Lack of integrity. Hostile skepticism. Inflexibility with change. Reactive rejection of hope. Disrespect for possessions. Poor prioritization of skills. Persistent sloppiness. Inability to focus. Refusal to try.

The Solar Plexus mediates the convergence of your prayers and the divine reply. Here you shape and channel your will. This is where you budget your resources, experiment, explore, and cull possibilities.


Seedlings (ideas) that do not thrive despite your attention are reprioritized for those that become part of your life. A wise will accepts what you cannot do, and acts to do what you can.


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