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Daniel Kaiya Fuson

Founder of Wildflowerfire



Daniel Kaiya Fuson

Ithaca, NY


Author • Youtuber • Channeler & Psychic Reader • Spiritual Healer & Coach • Family Man

Daniel Kaiya Fuson was raised in Ithaca, NY. After college, he moved to NYC, where he worked in computers. In 1999, Daniel began his work exploring Yoga, Mysticism, and Holistic Health. He studied with martial artists, healers, dancers, shamans, yogis, and musicians. At 25, he left his job on Wall St. and continued exploring and training with holistic teachers. Daniel sold his house and most possessions, inspired by his studies, and soon after began his life on the road.


Over the next ten years, he lived, worked, and studied at holistic centers, on organic farms, and in several inner cities, mainly in the United States. After his enlightening travels, he began teaching yoga and energy work throughout the US. In 2008 at 34, he focused on the Twelve Chakra system, applying music theory with energetics to integrate his experience into Wildflowerfire. 

Wildflowerfire offers guidance with mental, spiritual, and physical exercises to heal and enlighten your life. 

In 2012, after a decade of illuminating adventures, Daniel decided to return to his hometown of Ithaca, NY to begin his private practice, where he offers private sessions, weekly classes, and semester-long courses. Since beginning his practice, Daniel has developed several courses, a YouTube Channel, and has written a book, 'The Chakra Keys' The Holistic Art of Wildflowerfire.



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Short Bio

Wildflowerfire was founded by Daniel Kaiya Fuson. The work began in 1999 when he left mainstream life behind and began exploring Yoga, Mysticism, and Holistic Health. Several years later he sold his house and most of his possessions. For the next decade, he was on the road. He lived, worked, and studied at holistic centers, on organic farms, and in several inner cities. At the end of this time, in 2012, he returned to his hometown of Ithaca NY, and began a private practice. Since then he has developed several courses, started a YouTube Channel, and written a book, 'The Chakra Keys' available on Amazon.

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"Wildflowerfire is radical guidance for wild flowing spirits. You are awakening in a world that needs you to thrive. Own your power."

Daniel Kaiya Fuson

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