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Third Eye

Awareness | Imagination | Paranormal

How do you use your imagination?


Super Powers: See energy fields. Imagine and think clearly. Sense the paranormal. Communicate telepathically. Visualize to manifest reality. 

Dysfunctions: Stuck in the past. Gambling on the future. Inability to stay focused. Chaotic, disjunctive mind. Dysfunctional mood swings. Projection of personal issues. Refusal to participate in life. Obsession with new ideas. Compulsive negativity. Hyper-active mind. 

The Third Eye navigates the tension between your awareness and your capacity to envision. This center mediates imagination and the vibrations of the world.

Here you learn to see beyond what you have known to be real and to filter out what you cannot sanely comprehend. The Third Eye unveils your sixth sense, illuminating paranormal vibrations and spiritual reality.


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