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Nose Tip

Sensation | Nutrition | Guidance

What guides you?


Super Powers: Attune with natural needs. Connect with spirit guides. Enhance sacred sexuality. Harmonize with the weather. Commune with nature.

Dysfunctions: Obesity. Substance abuse. Poor body care, and hygiene. Abusive with plants and animals. Closed to physical desire. Addiction to technology. Lack of exercise. Fear of nature. Agoraphobia. Sex addict. 

The Nose Tip chakra channels divine guidance through the physical senses. Balancing polarities – indulgence and restraint, reception and assertion – creates health. Once in tune, your desires resonate with the gifts of nature.


The Nose Tip teaches your body to want what you need. As you learn to recognize, and make choices based on this wisdom, you harmonize with nature.


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