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Diamond Eye

Dreams | Ideas | Mysticism

How do you dream?


Super Powers: Develop dream consciousness. Explore possibility by dreaming. Awaken mystical awareness. Going on vision journeys. Offer prayers to Spirit.

Dysfunctions: Nightmares. Loss of dreaming. Repeated, stuck dreams. Haphazard consciousness states. Lost or blocked creative inspiration. Obsession with hallucinogens/hallucinations. Dysfunctional synesthesia - blending of senses. Fearing or misjudging mystical phenomena. Haunting inner voices. Psychosis.

The Diamond Eye is a gateway to dreamtime. It is where you invest your prayers and explore possible realities. This chakra helps hold and heal repressed wounds and negativity. It enables you to experience possibilities before you act. Here, you receive visions from beyond yourself and become a visionary.


As you learn how to use the Diamond Eye, you can embrace challenges and opportunities that once seemed impossible. 


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