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Daniel Kaiya Fuson is the founder of Wildflowerfire.

Wildflowerfire offers guidance with mental, spiritual and physical exercises to heal and enlighten your life.

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Wildflowerfire offers guidance with mental, spiritual and physical exercises to heal and enlighten your life. We emphasize Chakra work, using a system of 12 energy centers taught by Thoth. We offer meditations, live Q & A, remote readings and psychic explorations to better comprehend this reality, our past and a more loving future.

Thoth | Will You STAY or Will You GO?

Thoth | Will You STAY or Will You GO?

As we awaken from the lie that we are alone in the universe, the chaos of reality sets in. The choice is initially obscured and gradually comes into focus. Will you Stay on Earth, or leave this place? Please understand the gifts of the future are beyond measure. To make sense of the past, it is necessary to see into the future - enough - to recognize why the human story has been so painful, and where it has always been designed to go. Meanwhile, we awaken amidst the pains of our past lives, and must confront the extreme temptation to abandon this world, along with the incredible story that has never been told. Tune in. Make peace within, and pray to be shown what is being born, and how you are invited to participate. The incredible joy of this invitation drowns the angst and trauma, and reveals the secret heart of the Earth. Live Class, Tuesdays 10am EST on YouTube Click the Notification Bell to get your Weekly Invitation! The Book 'The Chakra Keys' This book teaches you to unlock the 12 Chakras, Heal, Empower your consciousness. It is based in Guidance from Thoth. Begin the 'Sacred Creatures' Course and Own Your Spiritual Practice. Spiritual Healing and Coaching Sessions can help you heal and transform your life and health. Several options are available. Learn more... Visit Our Website Private Remote Sessions ~ Spiritual Guidance & Healing Classes, Workshops & Courses and much more...! STUDY 'Wild Chakra Yoga' on this Channel Newly created to guide Yoga in Tune with the 12 Chakra System.

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"The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you."

- David Lynch

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