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The Holistic Art of Wildflowerfire

When you commit to this spiritual work it will awaken your divine nature.


Unlock NEW dimensions to influence your LIFE...

The Chakra Keys: The Holistic Art of Wildflowerfire is a handbook for learning to sense energy, interpret its meaning and sharpen intuition. This book teaches how to expand the range of energetic awareness to gracefully navigate confusing and painful feelings. It includes mental, physical, and spiritual exercises to recognize and respond to energetic phenomena.


The book also addresses how your ability to feel and respond to your spirit can be inhibited by wounds and baggage from the past and includes guidance to support you in healing these issues. 'The Chakra Keys' will help you develop your spiritual practice, maintain the goals you want to focus on, and sections that contain simple exercises to use in your practice. The book concludes with art and overviews for each chakra, which helps you understand the unique themes and magic of the energy centers.

‘The Chakra Keys’ is a set of keys to your energy body that unlock new dimensions to influence your life. This work introduces simple ways to work with the connections between Body, Mind, and Spirit.​


Learn to make daily movement and meditation routines that support your challenges and opportunities.

This system introduces simple and efficient practices you can do independently. They adjust to fit into your day. As morning routines, as breaks, as coping mechanisms for different forms of stress, and as ways to relax and unwind. By using a series of movement exercises, meditations, and self-inquiry, this Book offers a complete overview of your health.

The Book also introduces each of the Twelve Chakras, along with the ‘Super Powers’ – innate sacred powers – associated with each. They function as simple prayers. Activate them with the Chakra, and bring their qualities into your life with courage and grace.

Start your journey today!

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4.6 out of 5

"Excellent read, and a transformative process!"

- Amazon Customer

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