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The Truth and the Lie

It is likely that you are living a lie.

I’ve met some people who are full of the truth. Not many. I can’t name them now. We passed each other in this life, and moved on. I’m sick of knowing lots of people, loving lots of people, and yet taking it for granted, that the truth is something we can’t really afford to trust. The truth… is dangerous.

Or forgotten.

The truth, is that the Universe is covered in life. You know this. You might not remember it. You might not want to remember it. But somewhere in the recesses of your Spirit, it is simply true.

Exploring the truth, as if it is full of maybes, and we will eventually put the parlor game conversation down and go back to ‘real life’, is a lie. It is a lie we have all shared, willingly as if it is normal.

I’m not going to talk with you about the complicated ‘why’, yet. The why is  both simple and complex. Why are we here? The complex why is distracting. The simple why is not. We chose to believe in a lie, inorderto forget. And throughly




I want to talk with you about the truth, and the difference between resting on the truth, planting yourself in the truth, and remaining shallowly rooted in bullshit. But first? A joke.

Here is the joke. The world is 5 billion years old. It went through a number of vast volcanic phases. Oceans emerged. Creatures learned to swim. Then gazillions of years later, they dragged themselves up onto the land. They pranced around. Evolved into dinosaurs. Ruled for a while. Then got smote by a meteor and all died off. Mammels emerged. Wandered. Breeded. Scoped out territory. Plants thrived. The carnivores kept the herds balanced from overgrazing. The stream beds thrived. Life existed in balance…

… untilwecamealongandfuckeditallup.

Within 40,000 years of learning to use basic tools, we destroyed the balance between predator and prey. We ruined the stream beds, annihilated the forests, and dumped so much garbage into the Ocean that the central Pacific is a no mans land where ships will not cross. An ocean of plastic pollution.

Trust me, its a joke. Its bullshit.

There is one, and only one good use for bullshit. Compost. Let it sit. Turn it over periodically, and then, once it has finally broken down, and no longer stinks high hell… sift it into your garden and plant anew.

This bullshit has sat still long enough. Its ready to be torn apart and mixed in as soil. We are ready to stare at the truth. It is time.

There is a stone in a fast flowing stream. You are unsure if the stone is stable. So you put a foot on it, and test it. Just one foot. The other is safely on shore.

Look I get it. Believe me. It is sane to be careful. It is wise to be safe. None the less, there is a profound and fundamental difference between reaching your foot out and standing on that rock, and THEN LIFTING YOUR OTHER FOOT. And standing totally, and completely on its strength.

Some things are true, whether you believe in them or not. They are true whether you can prove them or not. The truth is just true.

Where attention goes, energy flows. Intention, breeds attention. If you commit with your attention to learning the truth, your energy will be invested in it. You will open to it. If you commit to blocking out the truth, you’ll be invested in whatever else you pay attention to. Eventually, the effort you put into blocking the truth will be normal to you.

Because, it takes effort to believe in something that is false. We are already investing this effort in a lie, and it is ours to reclaim. The remaining challenge, is that we are surrounded by support for this lie.

The easy, clear, obvious step, is to focus on something else for a while. Focus on something neutral to the lie. Something that does not need to struggle with it. Just focus on life. Here. In a human body. With its needs and drives.

This, as it so happens, is the entire point. To be here. Now. As it so happens, we are blocking out the truth of the greater universe, full of life. And in the process we are focusing here. We’re simplifying ALL THAT IS by saying no to almost everything, and saying yes to this.

To live in this life, and to invest our attention here. As we invest our attention, we invest our spirit. We are literally creating ourselves in this form.

The truth we are focusing on will be our reality. We will make it increasingly real as we fall in love with living here. We’ll care about parts of the culture and the food. We will create dreams that dream within the confines of this experience. We will be able to do this because we are only paying attention to this experience. As a result we willnotevenbeable to dream of anything else. We will have forgotten how.

We will begin small, and get bigger. At first we will not know how to use our means of sensation, and we will get better at it. In the meantime we’ll surrender to beings that are more developed (theoretically anyway). In the process we will leave behind some other experience. We won’t think about it. We won’t have to focus on it at all, because we will be incarnated in a form that has forgotten it. Its gone.

This all ow beings of many forms to leave an experience, and join this one for a while.

I invite you a little further.

Here’s the thing, ‘Further’ Starts to get quite overwhelming, for most people I encounter. So the tend to check out. Treat it all as a parlor game, they can forget. Keep it all in cloudy maybeland. To learn more, and STAY, you need to be capable of handling the consequences of the intensities that wake up as you reclaim energy from blocking the lie, and open to the mystical vast wonder of REAL

My gift in this, is to support you. If you want to go deeper in knowning and seeing and sensing, its necessary to ground into this body, and clear your issues (because they tend to scream a lot when you make big leaps of learning) and learn to focus yourself and calm and center your thoughts and dreams.

If you have a magnificent party, you are going to make choices. You can invite everyone. You can invite people you choose, only. Or you can do some combination of the two.

Let us suppose you provide things that lots of different kinds of people want. Chances are people will continue to join the party as long as whatever you are giving continues to flow, or until the gathering evokes conflicts that make it fundamentally unpleasant, and people start to leave.

Of course there are these vast in-betweens, where people like what you are giving so much that they stay andsimplyputupwith the negative aspects of the environment.

You see where I’m going with this…

In middle school I learned to type, We got several letters added every week, and at the end of the class we got tested typing something with a piece of paper over our fingers so we couldn’t see them.

I can’t touch type numbers.

here I am typing 30 years later, and I can’t type the numbers without looking down at the screen. I still can’t type them without shifting my eyes down to look. I never learned. I never really tried to learn.

I’m encouraging you to learn about what is going on. Don’t wait until you have to, because your life buckles under the pressure. Start by being willing, and holding hope. Seems simple and vague enough… Do it.

Don’t walk away. Stare at the fringes, the edges of what you thought was solid about your assumptions about living on Earth. Keep learning. This work is here to support you. Because if you wait until life knocks on your door without preparation, you’ll likely go a little haywire when the spirit floods in, and the waters begin to rush.

Wildflowerfire is a rock in a fast flowing stream. It is a course in how to stop drowning. A course in how to swim with the rapids. And love it.

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