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The Other Side

It began quietly, often at night. I called it a voice at first, yet truly, there was no change in tonality, no personality to it. Gradually I learned to understand it as a translation of something else. I was hearing my own version of the computer voice reading to me. Reading the contents of vibrations that took me beyond everything I’d ever known.

The Other Side. The name is actually, for you. As you learn to make this transition, you must let go of the metaphor. It gets in the way. There is no other side. There are other stations. You are living, and thinking, on one major vibration. Time to re-tune.

This would not make the best anthem, it doesn’t sound all that sexy. Yet the implications are far greater, when you learn to embrace them. Everything you know. All that you think and feel a believe, exists on one major vibration. It is so normal to you, you can’t recognize it for what it is, until it changes. When it changes, people often go insane. Their stability, all reference points and perspective, are lost. Re-tuning can be very painful. It does not have to be.

Start here. You live on a frequency, just like 90.4 FM. When this is all you know, you never realize what is happening. ‘The Other Side’ is actually the knowledge that you can change. As you do, you’ll find a wealth of possibility akin to the vast range of other frequencies. This is not just ‘The Other Side’ of what you’ve known as the limits. This is the awakening to a vaster range of possibilities, well beyond everything ‘modern’ society even begins to envision. The truth is far more interesting than anything you’ve known as fiction.

This is an invitation to the Other Side. This is an awakening to the knowledge that the Universe is covered in life, full of so much color, range and form, that it is impossible to envision or comprehend it all at once. Indeed, sometimes it is necessary to hide away in a cocoon. Block it all out. Forget it all and focus on those we love for a while. Awaiting a time to wake up and be reborn to the mysteries of universal existence.

Even here on Earth, reality is far more interesting then the narrow limits American society allows. Ghosts, angels and demons and faries are all real, and many of tehm are far more interesting than the stunted, two dimensional versions we mock up, and distance ourselves from with Hollywood. Eternal souls incarnate in many forms, and glimpses of one flash of one side of the truth are never enough to fully embrace true reality. Surrender.

How? The answers are remarkably practical. Learn to tune in. Then learn to re-tune at will. Why? So you can explore. So you can recognize and trust the truth. The truth is far more interesting than the lie. Lying keeps you asleep. Get up. It is time to awaken.

Learn to recognize the presence of divinity in your everyday life. Learn to see the sacred threads that draw a stranger to sit next to you on a bench. A stranger who happens to be fascinated by a new theme you’ve just begun to learn about. They share the name of a book. The perfect book for the next stage of your life.

Learn to tune in to your body, as it tenses, and years to teach you about what you need. Learn to stop numbing out these messages, and allow them to guide you into a different rhythm. A rhythm that forces you to get up and run when you need to run. That draws you out into the morning light as the sun breaches the horizon. A rhythm that demands you feed yourself what you really need to be strong and alive.

Beyond all of this, with all of this, you will become more susceptible to the still small voices of Angels in your mind. They speak to you through your heart, and will teach you about the breadth of reality, and why you are here, and how you can live a more passionate and vibrant life in your time on Earth.

Awakening ultimately leads you to the wonderful recognition, that amidst the breadth of possibility in the Universe, you are here. Being here is an amazing miracle. The full embrace of your life, while you are here, is the goal of incarnation.

Let me help you. Allow the knowledge of Wildflowerfire to support your awakening, your life and the choices you can make to live your best.

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