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You are magnetic. You draw the patterns of who you have been to you, until they are reconciled. You attract what you focus on and what you need, always. How you respond to these forces is up to you. How well you harmonize with the Earth is also up to you, if you are willing to learn.

As you create your life the people, events and circumstances that support your path are drawn by tides of magnetic energy, closer to you. When you resist these forces, you stagnate and waste your strength. As you recognize this magical science, it becomes more effective. As you learn to work well with these forces, you thrive.

You have a magnetic field around your body. It extends about five feet, and diminishes in strength after that. When you feel attracted to someone, something very real is going on. The magnetism is real, and can be measured by physics.

You have electric currents moving in and around you. There is a line up your spine and out the crown that centers the entire field of energy. These currents vibrate, like the strings of a guitar.. Like a radio station, these vibrations contain information, content that broadcasts who you are out into the world.

The beauty of this system magnetizes your life together with other people who explore the same patterns and choices. The – temporary – tragic nature of this system, is that when you are struggling with negative and dysfunctional patterns, you will magnetize them into your life as well. This is the karmic dance. You can’t avoid it. You can learn to understand it, and make new choices that trancend the dynamics you have lived with up until now.

Imagine that the core of vibration up your spine, is broken up into one hundred strings. Each string carries a frequency and resonates with music. The music of your life.

Now it is time to learn about you. What are you interested in? What do you want more of in your life? What triggers you, makes you upset and reactive? How have you been hurt? How well have you healed? How have your choices changed in relation to the wounds of the past? What do you pray for, in friendships, and intimacy?

These questions, and the ways you answer them are stored in the strings of light up your spine. Magnetic and electric currents interact. Your magnetism is literally programmed by the electric strings of energy up your spine that hold yur life stories.

With this perspective, we begin by asking – how integrated are you? Do substantial parts of yourself, oppose other parts of you? Do your different interests harmonize? The ways they do, and do not work well together shapes what actually gets drawn into your life. You create the recipe for the script set and setting of your life’s dramas. These forces are – never – restricted to exactly what you ask for. Everything that is semi and subconscious will be drawn to you as well. This is why – part of you – may pray desperately for a committed partnership, and yet you keep finding the same kind of problems. Your conscious mind wants it, yet you are still charged by the relationships you have lived through. Until you learn how to reconcile them, the patterns of the lifeforce of your past are still in you, singing their songs and interfering with your intentions and desire.

This is why you may experience a push and pull, or a dramatic up and down cycle with relationships. Part of you wants it, part of you doesn’t. Thirty of those strings of light still remember how badly you got hurt in the past and forty of your strings are trying to ignore the pain of love altogether. So these seventy strings team up – semi-consciously – to interfere with the thirty strings that want to get married. It is happening again… you start a relationship, you love it. You come to life, then you get scared, pull away, isolate yourself. Or maybe it is the opposite. You know how to stay with someone. It is natural for you. Yet the part of you that is yearning for a career success doesn’t know how to harmonize with your homelife. You find yourself regularly sacrificing steps to advance your business ideas, to be at home. Perhaps you are an artist, and you have seventy strands of light harmonizing and empowering your creative life. This is very attractive, the strength and dynamic energy. So you know how to draw partners to you, yet you also don’t really know how to change withthem. Your music is strong and clear, but it hasn’t been suited for long term compatibility. Even though you have another thirty strands praying for a family, you are too strong with the ways you know, to change easily. The lines of light up your spine are real. The hundred strands is a metaphor. It is direct enough to help you discern your patterns in a new way. There is a science to this, you just need to get good at witnessing it. Some of these forces are more subject to change than others. Stare at the resistances until you learn more about them. Resist the urge to immediately demand change within yourself. Be humble with those parts of yourself that resist your intentions. Respect them enough to learn more about what they want. Recognize why they are there. Honor them. The same part of you that may seem to sabotage relationships, yearns to be an artist. The same part of you that may sabotage your business dreams dearly yearns to have a family. Most of you may be familiar with these tensions in your life. By interpreting them spiritually, as musical forces that need to – and absolutely can – learn to harmonize, it can become much easier to reconcile them. When you establish healthy rhythms of change and transition, it is akin to teaching yourself to play music harmoniously, with yourself. Stare within. Get help from someone who can support you in understanding what is happening. Be honest about what you can, and cannot change about yourself. Then make clear choices to reconcile old patterns with who you really are now, and who you yearn to become. Time to thrive.

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It began quietly, often at night. I called it a voice at first, yet truly, there was no change in tonality, no personality to it. Gradually I learned to understand it as a translation of something else. I was hearing my own version of the computer voice reading to me. Reading the contents of vibrations that took me beyond everything I’d ever known.

The Other Side. The name is actually, for you. As you learn to make this transition, you must let go of the metaphor. It gets in the way. There is no other side. There are other stations. You are living, and thinking, on one major vibration. Time to re-tune.

This would not make the best anthem, it doesn’t sound all that sexy. Yet the implications are far greater, when you learn to embrace them. Everything you know. All that you think and feel a believe, exists on one major vibration. It is so normal to you, you can’t recognize it for what it is, until it changes. When it changes, people often go insane. Their stability, all reference points and perspective, are lost. Re-tuning can be very painful. It does not have to be.

Start here. You live on a frequency, just like 90.4 FM. When this is all you know, you never realize what is happening. ‘The Other Side’ is actually the knowledge that you can change. As you do, you’ll find a wealth of possibility akin to the vast range of other frequencies. This is not just ‘The Other Side’ of what you’ve known as the limits. This is the awakening to a vaster range of possibilities, well beyond everything ‘modern’ society even begins to envision. The truth is far more interesting than anything you’ve known as fiction.

This is an invitation to the Other Side. This is an awakening to the knowledge that the Universe is covered in life, full of so much color, range and form, that it is impossible to envision or comprehend it all at once. Indeed, sometimes it is necessary to hide away in a cocoon. Block it all out. Forget it all and focus on those we love for a while. Awaiting a time to wake up and be reborn to the mysteries of universal existence.

Even here on Earth, reality is far more interesting then the narrow limits American society allows. Ghosts, angels and demons and faries are all real, and many of tehm are far more interesting than the stunted, two dimensional versions we mock up, and distance ourselves from with Hollywood. Eternal souls incarnate in many forms, and glimpses of one flash of one side of the truth are never enough to fully embrace true reality. Surrender.

How? The answers are remarkably practical. Learn to tune in. Then learn to re-tune at will. Why? So you can explore. So you can recognize and trust the truth. The truth is far more interesting than the lie. Lying keeps you asleep. Get up. It is time to awaken.

Learn to recognize the presence of divinity in your everyday life. Learn to see the sacred threads that draw a stranger to sit next to you on a bench. A stranger who happens to be fascinated by a new theme you’ve just begun to learn about. They share the name of a book. The perfect book for the next stage of your life.

Learn to tune in to your body, as it tenses, and years to teach you about what you need. Learn to stop numbing out these messages, and allow them to guide you into a different rhythm. A rhythm that forces you to get up and run when you need to run. That draws you out into the morning light as the sun breaches the horizon. A rhythm that demands you feed yourself what you really need to be strong and alive.

Beyond all of this, with all of this, you will become more susceptible to the still small voices of Angels in your mind. They speak to you through your heart, and will teach you about the breadth of reality, and why you are here, and how you can live a more passionate and vibrant life in your time on Earth.

Awakening ultimately leads you to the wonderful recognition, that amidst the breadth of possibility in the Universe, you are here. Being here is an amazing miracle. The full embrace of your life, while you are here, is the goal of incarnation.

Let me help you. Allow the knowledge of Wildflowerfire to support your awakening, your life and the choices you can make to live your best.

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Everything you do is fundamentally creative. As soon as you believe, act or feel, you generate and sustain energetic vibrations within yourself and the world around you. When these vibrations contradict forces beyond your control, your overall potential diminishes. When you are in harmony with the greatest powers around you, you have a heightened capacity to thrive.

The Earth exists within fixed cycles beyond human intervention. The Summer and Winter Solstices and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes are definite moments with the most light, the longest night and days of equal light and dark. Yet human society organizes around the Roman calendar, which is out of harmony with these fixed dates. Our overall potential is diminished.

The zodiac is ancient. It predates the Roman Empire. This is a case of objective reality being stronger than the will of dead people. Whether you like it or not. Whether every human on Earth believes it or not, fundamental forces shift in line with the astrological cycle. It would be confusing to oppose the human majority in your scheduling life. However, your spiritual life is your own. Become aware of the astrological forces that already affect you. Learn when their cycles shift and how to work with them.

Wildflowerfire will help you. We will send out newsletters on the zodiac calendar and highlight the chakra of the month. The astrological months are in tune with the solstices and the equinoxes. Tuning with them reveals a deeper mystery – the astrological months are in sync with the 12 chakras. This synchronicity involves the ‘key ring’ cycle. It is non-linear and based in the greatest harmonies between each center. In music theory this is the ‘circle of fifths’ in reverse. This has the effect of amplifying unique forces in your life, that change with the months of the zodiac.

When you become more aware of this cycle, it offers the opportunity to address the themes of each chakra in harmony with the greater cycles of the Earth. This is a powerful time to focus on healing these forces in yourself and unveiling the potential latent within each cenergy center.

My associate Margaret Snow, an astrologer, Reiki Master and life coach, discovered this connection. Her website is

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