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The Skeptics Dilemma

Some things are true whether you believe in them or not.

When you chose not to believe in truth, it takes effort. The state of consciousness you will inhabit is less alive, because you live within the struggle to deny what is real. You have less Vitality left for a thriving life.

When you believe that something is not possible, you instantly participate in creating a reality in which it is not possible, for you. Skepticism claims that our belief is less powerful than it is, and it is the belief that your belief is not powerful, that makes you less powerful.

Even when the strength of many people and many cultural forces support this negative belief, they cannot fully negate real possibilities. It is within you to realign with the actual potential of your power. Stop doubting. You don’t have to believe, yet. Learn to take actions that will prepare you to recognize the faith that surpasses your understanding.

Placebos and Reclaiming Power In experimental treatment, when people are given a sugar pill and told that it is a radical new drug, their belief in the power of this Placebo drug can dramatically influence their healing. Once we realize that it is possible for belief to influence health in this way, it is appropriate to study how to improve this dynamic.

Begin by reclaiming the power of your doubt. Doubt is fed with your own strength. To the extent the positive belief can positively influence health, it is appropriate to consider that negative belief, doubt and aggressive skepticism, can have the opposite impact. Thus when you refuse to believe in something until it is proved to a level of detail that surpasses your capacity to doubt, you will actively be creating your own diminished reality.

Sometimes it is necessary to believe, before you understand the proof. Indeed, there is a range of phenomena that cannot be witnessed until you believe in them, first. By creating space in your awareness for a possibility that is based in faith, you may eventually uncover logical principles that explain it to your satisfaction. As you begin to believe, you immediately reclaim your own power, by ceasing to resist that which is true.

Spiritual Resonance If you do not rely on proof as our foundation for belief, how do you know what to believe?

Begin by creating a more neutral space within, where the power of doubt is reclaimed. It is neither necessary nor appropriate, to dive into unquestioning faith. Learn to recognize more subtle cues that a phenomena is, or is not, worth your attention and trust.

Learn to tune in to spiritual resonance. On a practical level, you already make some decisions based in this awareness. When you connect with a friend, and you have a deep sense of trust, this is your intuitive sense of truth at work. When the energy of a phenomena is aligned with your life, your intuition will guide your attention there. Do not immediately demand answers. Resist the urge to denounce that which does not make sense, yet. Focus on the way your energy system, and your chakras, communicate with you. Your spirit is more aware of the truth than you are, and can guide you to shift your consciousness.

Wildflowerfire can help you transform your doubt into trust. Learn to distinguish between valuable insights and possibilities, and false understandings. This process reclaims your own power, which you can use to create the life you really want.

in most cases, this involves shifting your attention into meditative or movement exercises, before you understand why it will work. You do not have to believe with your mind, yet. You need to follow actions, and to refocus your attention in ways that will shift your spirit, over time. Your mind will follow, eventually.

The willingness to trust this process is up to you. When you are ready, we can begin.

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