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The Art of Believing

We co-create our reality with the Earth. By learning to recognize this dialogue you can focus your dreams, transcend your false limitations, embrace your real limits and move through challenges to create a more amazing life.

This is an introduction to the Art of Belief, a proactive placebo effect. When it works well, it goes well beyond the power of placebo sugar pills. Empower yourself with the unified influence of your body, spirit and mind. This art guides you to align these forces, so your attention and effort can be used most effectively and efficiently.

Energetically, this is like learning to take advantage of rainy days rather than cursing against the clouds. There are forces of nature that move through you spiritually. If you do not recognize them, the resulting struggle can be detrimental. Similarly, these forces create opportunities. If you cannot see them, they are wasted. Learning to read and work with the chakras is a powerful tool to align with these forces. Welcome to the science and art of faith.

Placebos and Belief In allopathic medicine, the Placebo effect measures the degree to which health is influenced by pure belief. Most major medical studies contain a placebo group – people who are told they are being treated with an experimental cure, yet they are really just given sugar pills, or gimmick treatments that contain no inherent value. The extent to which this group heals more than a group given no treatment, is a measure of the power of belief. They heal because they believe in the treatment, not because it is intrinsically valuable. Thus the actual positive results are due to their own, inner faith.

Lost in this dynamic, is an emphasis on how to amplify the power of belief. The design of the study attempts to treat belief as a constant, when it is arguably the factor most within our control. When believing in our own healing can positively affect our own healing, how can we get better at believing in our health? This art is an answer to that question.

We need to go deeper into the dynamics of human belief. Why? Because faith healing is neither a miracle, nor – just – a function of pure intensity. It is both an art, and a science. The discipline of recognizing the forces that are present in someone’s life, and learning how to focus attention effort, and belief.

Dishonesty, and even a bias toward skepticism require energy. They are negative acts of belief. These attitudes have the power to undermine real positive opportunities. They unwittingly draw a boundary that prevents our power of belief from functioning positively. They play a major role in shaping reality, negatively.

Thus it is crucial that we embrace an attitude of reverence for the power of our own faith, because reverence amplifies faith. This does not disregard logic. We can maintain a healthy role for skepticism to ask careful questions and expose flaws in thinking. Then we can learn the dynamics in which energy moves in our body, and align our efforts with them. A healthy integration honors intuition and faith as equal partners with logic. Your challenge is to learn how to weave these strengths together in balance and in harmony with your body.

Conclusion Your life is a dialogue between the World and your own creative power. Your thoughts, exist. They generate energy that is both present and can be measured. If these thoughts are out of harmony with natural forces they can exacerbate ill health. It’s important that you understand your role in creating negativity, and how to discern between effective caution, and self destructive doubt. When your thoughts are both faithful and aware of the real challenges you face, they can have a powerful role in positive health. Your energy centers reveal these dynamics, and help you improve them.

Wildflowerfire guides you to work with your energy centers, to effectively channel the power of your belief. The act of focusing on an energy center empowers it. By organizing your thoughts with your chakras, you take advantage of their inherent potential. Both logic and your intuition can guide you to focus on the correct centers in relation to your challenges. The art of Wildflowerfire will then step you through how to unravel your tensions and nurture the opportunities within.

This one step beyond ‘simply believing in a sugar pill’, is clear and profound. Learn which chakras guide which themes in your life. When you face a challenge with that theme, focus on exercises for that chakra. Voila! Your discipline will pay off. Healing will be empowered. Confusion and dysfunction will be diminished. You have transcended the power of a simple placebo and taken a crucial step into a better life.

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