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Daniel Fuson
Wildflowerfire was founded by Daniel Kaiya FusonFounding Flower
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Reminder| Tomorrow, Thursday the 21st, will be our first gathering for the Wildflowerfire Training. To participate you must be commit to all 3 courses (Sacred Creatures, Spiritual Roots, Music of Light) and be currently enrolled in one (or begin now). You will also purchase a yearly Training Plan, which includes bi-weekly gatherings and ongoing support with teaching WFF Yoga, and offering WFF Sessions. This fee will certainly go up from the current $500 - this is the entry level price, in gratitude for those who go first and help iron out the initial wrinkles. The plan will be asynchronous, so you may join at any time. If you'd like to start from the ASAP, message me directly and we'll work it out. To complete the training, you will need to finish all 3 courses, attend 25 Training meetings, and pass through several hoops as yet to be determined. If you start now, you'll help determine them! See you soon.

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