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Show your love for Wildflowerfire. Shop our collection below!

Show your support for Wildflowerfire with a heartwarming handcrafted ceramic mug, custom-made by Markgraf Clayworks. Each mug is unique and holds approximately 10oz. 


You will receive a unique handcrafted 10oz ceramic mug in a random handcrafted style/color.


More information about the artist:

"Markgraf Clayworks specializes in handcrafted, artisan ceramics and mixed media sculpture.  Located in Granville, OH, we enjoy living and working in a small town full of beautiful natural resources.  We have a ceramic, welding, and woodworking studio.  We produce hand-thrown functional pottery as well as contemporary artwork."

Click here to see more of Markgraf's work.

Unique Handcrafted 10oz Ceramic Mug


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