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You’re invited to go deeper; establish your ‘Spiritual Roots’ in course 2/4 in the Wildflowerfire Series.


By the end of the ‘Spiritual Roots’ course, you will be able to create your own hour-long practices, based on multiple routines. Learn the foundations of Chakra inter-connections and allow them to guide your yoga practice and the priorities in life.


'Spiritual Roots is designed to build upon the basic knowledge of the 12 chakras, and establish deep, weekly 1-hour practices. Learn to guide yourself from within. Empower your body and your spirit with a well-focused mind.


  • Become your own teacher by studying several Yoga routines and learning to apply them on your own.
  • Develop your ability to discern where your tension originates, and how you can best respond to it.
  • Deepen your practice, and purposefully confront, and integrate your Shadow
  • Deliberately engage your life challenges by empowering your body, your chakras, and your intentions.


We're teaching you to recognize from the inside out how your body moves and how it wants to move. Spiritual exercises, mental inquiries, and a sequence of physical yoga poses that all fit together.


You're not just practicing yoga. You're practicing making connections between your Body, Mind, and Spirit. This has a wide range of applications in the future and these applications enable you to diagnose yourself. It's the greatest gift you can give to your spiritual practice and life.


This course is designed to teach you how to embrace your spirit and ignite your life.

Spiritual Roots

  • You will gain access to the course .pdf which includes guidance, links, and information about the course which will assist you on your transformative journey. 

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