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Lecture on Energywork and the Chakras This is one lecture on human energetics. It is appropriate for people who know nothing about holistic health, and for those who have studied Chakras and Energy-work before. It explores basic insight about how life is affected by energetics, how we can channel these forces well, and why holistic energy work may be a wonderful path for you.

Seven and Twelve Chakras This is a crash course on the difference between the 7 chakra system and the 12 chakra system of Wildflowerfire. It explains why seven chakras make one set that is designed to introduce us to  working with energy centers. It is like your first recorder flute in elementary school music class. 12 chakras unlock each center by completing the same pattern than we use to make music. Without the full set, we can’t make much music. with the full set, we are liberated to explore the music of being alive.

Roots of Wildflowerfire An introduction to the Indian, Chinese, Hebrew and ancient Egyptian systems of energy centers. These are the roots of Wildflowerfire. This is a brief overview of how they weave together.

Energetic Knots A basic overview of the ways in which people have contradictory forces that undermine their progress in being healthy. By comprehending the fundamentals it becomes easier to identify where energy is misspent and how it can be used most effectively.

Practical Mysticism A simple overview of how amazing we can be, and why it is not more common for people to experience phenomenal health. When people do not understand how our chakras work to affect our lives, people consistently block progress, when they make choices to avoid pain, trauma, or simply get caught in contradictory priorities. By learning to reconcile these forces we open the possibility to live at the edge of what human beings are capable of becoming.

Health and Superior Wellness This is an overview that helps to think clearly about some of the inherent contradictions in mainstream approaches to medicine and health. By understanding these contradictions clearly we become more capable of addressing the contradictions within our own life and the choices we are making. This creates space to explore and discover the healthiest state of being we are capable of creating.

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