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1-Hour Session

Sessions offer key insight into the state of your life.

  • 1 hour
  • 222 US dollars
  • Online/Phone

Service Description

Phone/Video Session – An hour-long session by telephone or through Video Call. Receive an overview of the state of your energy field, along with specific guidance into how you can most effectively support health. These sessions involve intuitive insight that transcends distance. They are grounded with guided meditations, breath work, and homework until we meet again. Sessions will be focused in one of three ways (psychic reading, spiritual coaching, and healing). We will determine it together when we begin. Sessions can function as a check-in, offering critical insight into the state of your life – from an energetic perspective. You will receive an overview of your spiritual health in twelve primary areas. The Chakras reveal a fantastic window into the root causes of habitual challenges and key influences that must be prioritized. This helps you prioritize the areas of your life and health that need your attention and look beneath surface issues to uncover root causes of suffering. A session will focus you on positive direction – what is ready to transform and awaken in your life? We will center you on the best opportunities available to you. Your Spiritual wellness has a tremendous influence on your physical health and life experience. There are three primary ways this can help you. One, Chakra therapy, in combination with Reiki, empowers your immune system. Two, we will unravel how your spiritual integrity – the combined influence of your choices and your opportunities – can improve. This will further strengthen you and may reveal crucial insight into why you suffer. Finally, we will look at your unique problems, physical, mental, and emotional. We’ll work to heal them directly and reveal your underlying health. Clients receive chakra readings regularly to help focus their attention away from time-consuming distractions and onto the most important priorities. We’ll develop meditations and exercises specific to your path and circumstance. With this energy work and insight, you can apply your attention and effort toward transformation. We will tune your system, heal prominent imbalances, and set your intentions clearly to get – and keep – you on the right track. All sessions may be recorded if you so choose.

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