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Good Morning!

Here’s the thing. I’m not actually afraid. I’m excited.

I won’t say I don’t have some fear sometimes, I just don’t become it. Its a thing that I feel, and I pray through it, and often learn a lot. And that alone is exciting. I try and be careful not to get tweaky about it, and I almost could. I could almost want the fear, because I know it leads to so much growth and new insight. Its passed thought, on into passion.

So, what if? Well, what if no matter what happens, we keep learning to get … become … more amazing at confronting what is wrong and transforming it? How about that what if? Any nasty what ifs? fit into it, get smaller, and we get back to learning how to live awesome lives.

Don’t give up. Please, don’t give up.

I see a lot of beauty waking up. It is real. I am sure you have signs in your life too. Trust them. With us. With so many of us who are waking up now, also. The hells on the surface have been here all along. We’ve been ignoring them.

Now we are staring at them. This is big. This is huge. Now we can change them. When we were hiding them, we couldn’t change them. Now, we can work to change them.

More than that, deeper. There is an amazing lifeforce flowing. It is surging down stream beds that have been stagnant. Stirring up the old dead rotten logs. The stones that get in the way. The dead bones of animals that got sick drinking stagnant water in pools that had forgotten how to flow. This surge is starting to sustain itself. As it moves, the blockages are thrown into our lives. We get to pull them out of the river, give them back to the Earth, and get ready to love the deeper flow.

This spirit is alive. It reaches into you when you’re ready. Sometimes before you are ready. Sometimes you are ready before you think you are ready.

Goodmorning Get ready to dance.

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