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Daniel Fuson
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I'm working through my values about establishing more intentional community guidelines. These thoughts are where I begin. I share them with you. Let me be clear, I'm not offering equality, and I will never be a dictator. I believe in co-creation in all I do, particularly the Wildflower Garden Sanctuary. And, I'm the Head Gardener, and there are some basic herbs and flowers that are central to this, and others that are unnacceptable. I'm the Orchestra conductor and we are playing in the Key of the Heart.

Sandy Ear
Trevor H (kiltedhealer)
Sarah Saucier
Unknown member
Oct 06, 2023

I love what you had to say here. we can lead a horse to water but cannot make them drink. It’s okay to acknowledge that some people choose to drink and some choose to stay thirsty. redirecting our energy to the willing at that point is necessary In order to protect ourself from draining & over compensation, as well As allow the teachings guidance n healing to reach those it needs to.



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